Festival Entertainment

Need entertainment for your festival or other community event?

Larry is right at home at fairs and festivals!

  • Live music adds an atmosphere. Interactive entertainment makes an event memorable!

  • Clowns are great for kids. No one looks away from a knife juggler on a seven-foot tall unicycle!

  • How about an interactive comedy? Larry’s audience interaction keeps the show lively and comedy comes from random moments. Call Larry today to see how he can help liven up your next event!

Larry’s shows  include, but are not limited to Juggling, verbal and physical comedy, unicycling, and a healthy dose of audience participation

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Larry’s show is a great option for Festivals

 High energy shows That are entertaining for everyone! Larry’s humor is geared towards adults with children. His goal is to entertain you!, and always free of foul language for younger ears. As always, Fire juggling is available!

Larry’s show is customized to suit your festival entertainment needs!