The Incredible Larry

Comedy Juggler Larry Rundle

Larry’s show filled with world-class circus skills and non-stop laughs. Larry combines stand-up and physical comedy with a healthy dose of audience participation for a great time. Larry’s no stranger to improvisation, making each performance seem original and fresh.
Larry’s list of skills is endless, from traditional to the more unique styles entertainment. High-energy humor, incredible juggling and modern, upbeat music make this show a guaranteed hit!


Add something incredible to your next festival or community event with entertainment from The Incredible Larry.

The Incredible Larry has more than 15 years of experience providing comedy, spectacle and intrigue to events throughout the country. Featuring staged and street show performances, his act combines classic and modern styles. His act has entertained countless audiences.

Larry performs all kinds of exciting stunts. Be impressed by his balancing acts, unicycles and fire! Larry has a passion for the arts he performs, but his show is designed to make you laugh! You can see Larry’s passion for entertainment in every show. His performance is sure to keep your crowd on the edge of their seats. Audiences will be amazed by The Incredible Larry at any event!